Saturday, 16 April 2011

Steiff by Gotz dolls Nadja and Nore

I love these two dolls. There are other dolls with the same face (e.g. Giselle, Leatrice, Katharina), but I prefer my Nadja and Nore dolls. Simply love them. They are Gotz dolls from the Steiff by Gotz collection 2006. All dolls from these collections feature a little golden earring in the left ear (just like the famous Steiff bears) and a Steiff bear (either as a bear or in some other form - handbags in this case). The bodies of these 19.5-inch (50 cm) dolls are all-vinyl and are identical to those of Sarah / Hannah and Winter dolls.

This is how they looked when they arrived. Nadja is on the left, Nore is on the right.

Then the dolls had a bath and changed into home clothes. And also they got new names. Nadja became Marta and Nore became Eleanore...

A bit later both dolls got new handmade outfits.

Eleanore (Nore) received a pair of pink jeans trousers made by me and a knitted blouse and a crochet handbag made by my mum.

And Marta (Nadja) got a pair of identical trousers and a blouse made by me.


  1. They are two beautiful dolls. Maybe just a little bit too serious?

  2. These are very beautiful dolls, where are they available from?
    I am new to dolls at (61)! and have my first Gotz doll Maria and hope to find her a friend one day.
    I joined Ravelry for knitting patterns and became addicted to dolls.

  3. I love the face sculpt of these dolls. I hope to have one in my collection soon.

  4. Thank you all for the lovely comments! These gorgeous dolls are completely sold out but occasionally appear on ebay. That's where I found mine. Good luck in finding one!